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Sunday 14th October 2018

Example Come and Try Forms:

To take part in our Come and Try, each entrant will need to complete:

an 'Event Entry" form,

a 'Club Membership" form and

a 'CAMS License Application".


To help you with the forms, the links below will take you to completed examples of the forms.

Example Event Entry Form

Example Club Membership Form

Example CAMS License Application

Blank Forms:

Blank ClubMembership Form

Blank EventEntry Form

CAMS License Forms

PAC Junior Development Program

The Pakenham Auto Club (PAC) Junior Development Driver Training Program is conducted at the PAC grounds at 405 McGregor Rd, Pakenham. It provides the local youth with a safe and educational recreational activity by introducing juniors to the fun and exciting world of motor sport in a supportive and safe club environment.

The program is designed to develop the driving skills of 12-17 years olds to a level where they can competently participate in club level motor sport activities. Junior Development Driver Training (JDDT) events are run under the strict rules of the Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS). Participants require a CAMS Licence for insurance purposes to participate in this program.

We recommend a Level 2 Junior Licence (L2J) as this can be used to compete in all motorkhanas and many other events in Australia. This Licence is valid for 12 months. Participants must also be a member of a CAMS affiliated club. Pakenham Auto Club give all participants honorary membership for 12 months.

The Objectives of JDDT program are to

  • Introduce juniors to club level motor sport • Promote fun and enjoyment in motor sport • Learn new skills • Build self confidence
  • Create new friendships Participants experience the following
  • Vehicle familiarisation
  • Key Driving Techniques and Concepts:
    • Gear control
    • Steering technique
    • Braking
  • Driving a number of motorkhana tests
  • Correct test navigation
  • Safe environment:
    • Instructor in car at all times
    • Stay behind designated areas o Stay off track surface when not competing
    • When viewing test, where to stand and always face oncoming traffic.

These skills will prepare participants to compete in a motorkhana, which is a form of non-speed motorsport which is timed individually from start to finish. Participants are required to follow a set course around clearly marked flags, receiving time penalties for any flags they hit and other digressions.

Motorkhanas are a great introduction to motor sport. They test participants’ acceleration, braking and manoeuvrability skills in a variety of short test layouts. We provide feedback to the participants on their learning outcomes.

What participants learn from Junior Development Driver Training is for use primarily in motorsport and not for specific use in day to day driving. However many skills learned in this program are directly or indirectly transferable to driving on the road, and may save lives.

For further information or to participate contact:  John Carney


 call: 0467067068